South Beach Diet

While a good number of people have a hard time sticking to the obligatory first phase of the South Beach Diet, others swear in the name of it's founder that it is the ideal diet for them. Although followers of this diet claim that it is not a fad diet and in fact it is much healthier than the Atkins Diet, it is still ridiculed by others perhaps because it still falls under the low-carbohydrates diet category.

How does it work?

The South Beach Diet focuses primarily on eating the right carbohydrates and the right fats. Dieters are restricted to consuming seafoods, lean meat, vegetables, fruits, and other low-fat foods and low GI carbohydrates.

There are three phases to be followed in this diet and during Phase One, which is the most restrictive phase, a lot of food are excluded from your diet, these foods are potatoes, bread, sugar, alcohol, cake, sweets, milk, fruits, and pasta.

There are a few vegetables with low GI that are allowed such as cabbage and broccoli. Eating lean meat, eggs, fish, chicken, nut and olive oil is the main focus of this phase which lasts for 14 days. The purpose of Phase One is to stabilize blood sugar making you eliminate cravings for sugar and refined starches. During this phase dieters lose 10-13 pounds in two weeks.

In Phase Two, foods with low GI are reintroduced, these are most fruits, whole grain bread, rice, pasta, yougurt and fat free milk. Dieters are advised to stay on Phase Two until they've reached their desired weight. Dieters lose a reasonable 1-2 pounds per week during this phase.

Phase Three is "maintaining for life" phase. During thise phase, you reintroduce a wider variety of foods in your diet and it is also suggested to stay on this phase for life to keep your weight steady.

Overall The South Beach Diet is a lot healthier compared to other diets such as Atkins Diet since it allows a lot of different food groups that are essential to your body's nutritional needs. The only thing that's quite disappointing is that the hype that surrounds this diet making it look like a lose-weight-overnight like most of the low-carbs type of diet.


  • Encourages three balanced meals plus snacks.
  • Eating all types of food known to prevent heart disease is encouraged.
  • Flexibility in food choices


  • Carbohydrate restriction, including fruits and vegetables, in the first few weeks, can result to poor digestion and loss of vitamins and minerals.
  • The use of Glycemic Index doesn't make sense for every individual since there are foods with high GI but are healthier and a better choice compared to other foods with low GI but are clearly bad for the health.


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