Alli diet pill


What is Alli?

Alli is a non-prescription drug that is clinically proven to:

Prevent fat absorption by 25%
Reduce calorie intake

How does Alli work?

The active ingredient in Alli which is orlistat, inhibits the enzyme in the pancreas that is responsible for the breakdown of triglycerides in the intestines. Therefore, preventing a quarter of fat from being absorbed in your body and passing through your excretory system without warning.

Alli diet pills – Messy side effects!

With a balanced diet and a consumption of fat below 15g per meal, you can easily lose 2 pounds per week using Alli diet pills. But is it really worth suffering from the messy and painful side effects? From flatulence to oily spotting to diarrhea! Many customers have experienced persisting discomfort even a week after they have stopped using the product.

One sided

True, Alli has got benefits, reducing your fat intake by 25% but it has nothing else to offer other than constant anxiety of going to the toilet.

Flaws are plenty

The main ingredient of Alli which is orlistat, had to be reduced to 50% strength for it to be sold on the market without prescription. Sure, they claim to be the only one approved by leading authorities to be over the counter diet pill with orlistat as the main ingredient but the extent they have gone to, to reach this condition is controversial.

The messy side effects are just the least of our concerns. What is disturbing is that Orlistat causes a significant growth in the spread of aberrant crypt foci, which are a precursor of colon cancer.

Additionally, Alli has also been linked to liver damage and hepatotoxicity.

Why risk your health when there are other products on the market that can offer better results?

Negative Side Effects of Alli diet pills:

Muscle cramps
Gall bladder problems
Oily spotting
Stomach pains
More frequent bowel movements
Hard-to-control bowel movements
Liver damage
Colon cancer

Do we recommend Alli?

We do not recommend Alli. With all the negative side effects of Alli, it is easy to say no to this weight loss pill. If removing your daily fat intake is what you want, Proactol is so much better than Alli. We recommend Proactol for decreasing your daily fat consumption by 28% without the negative side effects.


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